How It Works

You are wondering how the FIFA 20 hack works? No problem, we are here to answer your questions. First of all: It is much easier and safer than you might think. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a tool in order to get free coins and points. People are spending thousands of dollar just to open FUT packs. These FUT packs mostly contain useless consumable items or average player. Don’t spend your money for this game.


It only connects to the database!

No one asks for your password, security question or something like this. We don’t need it, we don’t want it. This also mean no one is going to have access over your account or club. What the FIFA 20 hack is doing is much more simple than that. It connects directly with the database of the game and changes certain values within the database. These values are the amount of your coins and points. We only need to know your username and on what platform you are playing in order to identify your account in this huge EA database. We don’t get too much into the detail, because we are pretty much sure some guys from EA are going to read this (best regard guys).


fifa 20 ultimate team hack


Here is how it works step by step:

  1. Choose the language you want to use the FIFA 20 coins hack (available in english, french and spanish)
  2. Enter your username, on what system you are playing and the amount of coins and points
  3. Click on the “Generate” button below
  4. Wait a few minutes
  5. Get the human verification done (depends on your location)
  6. Enjoy your free coins and points for FUT 20


Why you have to verify yourself as human:

There are so many bots, hackers and trolls, which are trying to abuse or damage our website and hack. Their goal is to generate as much coins and points on as much accounts as possible. After that they are selling those accounts or coins for real money. Thats really annoying for us since we get lots of trouble because of this. In order to prevent it some of our devs came up with a human verification process. You simply have to verify you are not a robot. The procedure depends on where you come from. There are some high risk countries and then there are some countries, where you don’t even need to verify yourself.

fifa 20 ut hack

How long does it take to get the coins and points?

This really depends on how many users are using the FIFA 20 coins hack, the servers, your internet connection and some other factors. Normally it shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. We got our coins and points within 5 minutes.


Is there any limit?

No, but we recommend you to start slowly. Don’t generate too many free FIFA 20 coins at the beginning. Get yourself 500k first, use them to open FUT packs, then a few days later get one million and buy some players, after that you can get two millions and so on. But don’t get yourself 50 million coins just within one day. Thats just unreal and people are going to report you. Play it safe and you will be safe.

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